Kennel Small Opals

We are a family with 6 people, all our Lifes is about dog. Every day in our shop, where we sell dog article and in the weekend on dog shows. We breed to make the new generation better, and every puppy is in our house with us and our children. We dont have many dogs at the house, only have a few, so every dog is always with us.

We started in 2007 with our first DKK pedigree English cocker spaniel and did not think that dog shows would take a big place in our life, but we small wins and own breed puppy winning in the ring, the life change. Now we both Allan and I (Helle) use all our time with dogs and using all the awake hours with dogs, dog articel, dog training, dog show and Danish Kennel Club work.

If you want to know more, please contact us.