Raina - Small Opals Notre-Dame De Paris


Raina is the queen of the house (Raina means queen in French), and there is no doubt that she reacts with a hard paw, but she is just more than everyone else and always moves with dignity, but when she starts flying around and act like a fool, she forgets all about the queen's behavior. Raina is Mathilde's regular sleeping dog, and if she does not open the door when she stands and waits, she will start moaning. Even in the camper she has to go to the top bunk and enjoy every time we drive. Raina is our own breeding after Penny and Elton, she is a fix dog who is very feminine.

She is Montenegro Champion and she gets better and better by time, in 2019 she vil be in show ring again and can also finish her international champion.

Raina is eyetested and patella 0, hight: 24 cm, 5,3 kg and 32 cm long.