Mathilde is the one of our children who in the last year has traded dog in the show ring, she started as a 3 year old, and since then she has enjoyed the sport with many different dogs and breeds. A sport where collaboration, mutual love and knowledge about dogs is in focus. She finally got old enough to put on DKK and other official exhibitions, and she enjoys training the dogs for the various exhibitions, but in addition, a junior dealer must always be able to take foreign dogs and quickly get a collaboration started, it gets the young only if they love to work with dogs and if they can read them.

The purpose of Junior Handling competitions is to increase young people's interest in dog activities and to develop a broad collaboration and contact between dogs and young people. The main focus is on collaboration and synchronization between the junior dealer and dog. Each handler must be evaluated individually and as part of a group, and you are also asked about general knowledge about dogs and the breed's properties. Race and cooperation are judged during the race, and the dog must always be against the judge. The judge may ask to change dogs between the traders if he / she feels it is necessary to make a final decision, but the judge must ensure that all dogs are handled