In general, the Havanese is a happy and very easy dog, it is very suitable for families with children, and has an "allergy friendly" coat, where among other things we have experienced that our daughter does not respond to this type of coat. Remember there is a weekly fur care at the breed whether you choose to keep the long coat or let them cut


I am an authorized judge of many group 9 breeds and judged for the first time at an offical exhibition at Danish winner's exhibition in Herning 2018. By 2020, I will judge both at home and abroad, and hope to complete the entire group 9 breeds in the nearest furture. I love to be with dogs in my judge appointment and my main interest is anatomy

Small Opals puppies

The puppies grow up with us, and are therefore familiar with many different sounds, smells and different people. They are already marked from birth to work in a family with both children, adults and other animals. It is an important time for the puppy during the first 12 weeks, and we will impress it with different impressions the first time, however, taking into account the age of the puppy. They spend a lot of time in our office and here in the store, and get used to the fact that customers come in through the door both with and without dogs. We attach great importance to trust between us and you as a new puppy owner, we always want our puppies the best and try to choose the right puppy in the litter for your needs.


Mathilde is the one of our children who in the last year has traded dog in the show ring, she started as a 3 year old, and since then she has enjoyed the sport with many different dogs and breeds. A sport where collaboration, mutual love and knowledge about dogs is in focus.

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About us - the family Bekker

We are a family of 6 people who all love dogs. We have always had dogs in our lives, but since 2007, when we were at the first exhibition, it has really taken off. Commercially, we both live from sales to the dogs world, and in spare time everything is about a dog. Dog training, teaching, education eg. for exterior judge, daughter who goes juniorhandling, yes we could go on. As friends and family say, we have gone into the dogs, and frankly it is the best decision in our lives.

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